More Rich, High-Powered Women Can Be Looking At Matchmakers to Discover Love

More Rich, High-Powered Women Can Be Looking At Matchmakers to Discover Love

Paula Froelich reports regarding the brand new variety of high-end matchmakers—and their wealthy, effective consumers.

Paula Froelich

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After some duration ago, throughout a rooftop supper in Chelsea celebrating Eric Ripert’s PBS show, Avec Eric, Martha Stewart ended up being overheard whining to her supper companions, “I can’t get a night out together. You understand anyone I can be set by you up with? ”

All over New York it’s a familiar complaint uttered by single women. You can find blog sites, endless newsprint columns, and tv shows dedicated to the hapless solitary woman searching for love. Nevertheless the women in the most truly effective economic tiers have actually an a great deal larger issue. Not only can they perhaps perhaps perhaps not get guys in pubs for anxiety about showing up on web Page Six, they can’t shop online without knowing that somehow their profile will appear on sites mysteriously like Gawker, that may mock them mercilessly. If not worse—as in case of Paula Zahn’s millionaire spouse, Richard Cohen, who was simply caught utilizing up to now and dump females after telling them they certainly were their “soul mate”—their dating peccadilloes and behavior that is seemingly bad may be chronicled because of the town’s tabloids.

If the ladies venture out a lot of, it might harm their reputation, claims Amy Andersen of Linx Dating. “A actually powerful, high-caliber girl, in terms of her individual life, she should make it as private possible, ” she states. “A great deal among these kinds are getting to charity occasions in an attempt to satisfy males. They ought ton’t hyperexpose by themselves and start to become an asset that is depreciating then when they’re introduced off to the right man, he’sn’t learn about her every-where. (daha&helliip;)

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